Hand’s still smarting, but thought I’d do a quick post on a recent trip to Hwangnyeongsan Mountain or the Beacon Fire Station Mountain.

Do you remember the fire signals on the top of mountains in Lord of the Rings? This is exactly that (only much older, of course!)

It’s not very tall or steep, so hiking to the top won’t take more than maybe 2-3 hours. Or you can take my my preferred approach, which is to drive straight up to the summit 😂.

The pictures posted below are a combination of my first and second visits.

The first time, it was right after it had rained, so there was a lot of fog. View was still amazing though.

The clean, paved roads and sidewalks make for a very pleasant climb, but there are also trails you can check out if that’s your kind of thing.

If you drive or take one of the paved pathways, you’ll reach the main entrance, which is right next a KBS Station or something.

I can see what you’re doing down there!

The sun was setting rapidly.

The five beacons that indicate severity, with five lit-up beacons indicating that the battle has begun.

The descending sun and clear skies gifted us with an incredible experience.

Looking forward to checking it out again.

Getting there:

Get off at the Yangjeong metro station. It’s quite a bit of a walk from there. Or you can take a cab to the summit (about a 9-min ride).