So I finally relented and went to the hospital to have someone look at my messed-up hand. After being directed to the Emergency Room…

Here’s what my hand looked like with a homemade bandage:

Here’s what it looked like after a HOLYCRAP 240k won quick bandage and a few antibiotics:

This one one of those rare moments we didn’t pay with my credit card (Citibank PremierMiles) which comes with travel insurance. And like a genius, I’d completely forgotten to get us covered for a three-month stay in Busan. 

The doctor barely had a look at my injury, and when I asked if it were infected… he replied with – and I kid you not – a goddamn “Probably”.

He gave me two locations I had to pick from to visit a burns specialist (apparently) hospital for a special dressing. No idea what that even means. But I’ll go. I’m already feeling a little feverish. That can’t be a good sign. 

Oh yea and these hospitals are like, an hour away by car. GODDAMMIT. 

Just outside the hospital were a few pharmacies, each with its own promoter standing near the entrance. Coming from Singapore, this was surreal.

All in all, a very expensive lesson. I’m getting travel insurance later tonight from a company that offers it for those who are already on their trip. 

Always get travel insurance.