Coming from tropical Singapore, I never thought I’d say this, but it was a balmy 17 degrees Celsius (I know… I know… must be losing my mind). 

Couldn’t resist taking the Littlest Dictator outside. I’ll also include a bit about a cosy café we visited a couple of days ago. 

So here’s a comprehensive review of Ladife with all the details you need before deciding on a visit: Yea, it’s pretty good. 

So the first thing I did today was get my bandaged replaced:

So the doc says it looks good and tomorrow should wrap up the entire treatment. Still feels I’ve been ripped off but eh, it gave me a reason to head somewhere in the day time after putting the Littlest Dictator to sleep… at goddamn 2am. Holy crap can she go!

Over here, pedestrians tend to give way to cars. NOT ME

Once we reached home, I had a ton of crap to do. But ahh dammit. It’s not often we experience what I call ‘Ideal  Baby Weather’. 

Because I was alone and a genius, I didn’t take pictures of the playground we visited. So um, here’s another playground we went to the other day:

Meh, close enough

So she has this thing where if she’s interested in someone or something, she just stares. What can I say? Babies are not known for their social graces. 

Seeing how she looks more like her Korean mom, whereas I look like an escaped convict from a  maximum security facility in Pakistan, it made it look like I was trying to cheer up a reluctant kid I’d just kidnapped. 

I swear, if she’d just shouted ‘No! Want mama!!’ it would not have ended well for me. 

Overall though, it was a pretty good day. Here’s a picture I took of some flowers:

The things I do for you people