I have finally recovered, and there’s so much to catch up on! 

First up is our walk along old railway tracks by the sea. 

Fortunately I don’t think it says ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter’.

It’s actually a really cool shortcut to take to get from Haeundae Beach to the two lighthouses on the other side of the mountain near Songjeong Beach. 

Just head to the end of Haeundae Beach, where the seafood restaurants are, and where you can also take a ferry tour. Once you reach there, go up the narrow road.

Forgot to take a day time picture, so um, here you go

The historical information is in Korean, but along the way you’ll encounter an old tunnel and abandoned stone monitoring booths facing the sea which make me think the tracks were used by the military back in ththe 50’s or earlier. 

Must’ve sucked for the soldier. Great view though!

And the there’s the tunnel:

Get to the choppa!! What? I HAD TO

There a few couples there who’d take pics. And one would set up a tripod to take some romantic selfies. At one point, a guy tried to lift up his girl in her arms… but failed! Buahahahah!! I laughed and laughed…

But I digress. Here’s some more pics:

Such a handsome bastard

And finally we arrived on the other side of the mountain, at the end of the tracks:

Songjeong Beach is still a bit further but it was getting dark so we stopped by an Angels-in-Us cafe and got a cab back. 

Koreans have quite the thing for phallic signs

I’d say it takes about an 30-40 mins to walk the entire way. Not a very well-known tourist attraction but definitely worth it.