Edit: This is like, my 3rd attempt to post it due to a weird problem with the app basically saying “Hey, hey, you want to post this? It’s interesting right? Yeah? NO. SCREW YOU, HUMAN! KISS MY DIGITAL RECTUM! SKYNET 4 LYFE!”

Baby’s down for her nap, and my laptop needs recharging (like, 20 mins into the series finale of Rectify) so there’s time for another post!
We went skiing! Or, as I should call it, ‘That Time My Ass Kissed the Icy Floor Over and Over Again.’

More detailed information on the resort and how to get there can be found at the bottom of this post.

I had no idea what was to come

We went to the Eden Valley Ski Resort in Yangsan. At night. For the first time. So yea, we got a little lost.

I don’t know man, this looks just a wee bit off than what I expected a ski resort to look like

We finally found the proper route and you can tell it is (you know, besides looking at the signs) by the increasing number of ski/snowboard gear shops the further you go.

We settled on getting equipment from here:

There was a guy in hockey mask and a bloodied machete who was pretty nice and spoke with high-pitched British accent

The place was fine, but just bear in mind that they are an independent shop.

Be very specific about what you need to rent and for how long, and remember that they do not have any say regarding the admission cost. My brother-in-law told me that the guy spoke as if he were connected to the resort. I’m hoping it was a communication issue. Yeah. Communication issue.
Anyway, I’d recommend renting directly at the resort. Easier to drop off the items and stuff.

We finally arrived:

Getting the tickets

One important thing to bear in mind, especially if you’ve never skiied before: There is no beginner -level slope. I mean, they have one, but you’ll get what I mean further down.

First, the view from the bottom:

The one on the left is supposedly the one for beginners. LIES, ALL LIES

For starters, we had to take a goddamn ski lift to get to the top of the beginner-level slope.

For beginners. That is, for you to begin crapping yourself

Aaaand here’s the view from the top of the slope:

Notice how it looks deceptively flat… that’s because there’s a super-steep decline that connects to the slope on the right
Thought I’d take one last picture of my being alive

Being the genius that I so clearly am, I’d decided to sit in the snow for a moment to rest. In non-waterproof pants. It’s amazing what a freezing ass and the threat of hypothermia can do to motivate you to speed down a death slope.

My last fall was when I’d decided to just go for it… and was speeding downwards when I realized I couldn’t stop. Because of the speed, I actually bounced off the damn ice. Oh yea, and I’d also neglected to wear safety gear. You know, all part of being a goddamn genius.

Luckily I got away only with slight cuts on the elbow which I legit thought was bleeding heavily at the time (shut up).

Would I do it again? With safety equipment, I’d say yes.

Would I recommend it to beginners?


Overall, an… enlightening experience.

Getting There:

We drove there at night (night skiing is from 9pm-1am), and the road conditions were pretty good.

More details here: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ATR/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=658160