After my failed attempt to find snow last night (well technically it was really early) I woke up early (OK fine, at 9am) and decided to head out while it was still cold.

In Singapore at this time, you’d be sweating buckets

I’ve explored most of the area, so I wanted to try something different and walk along the river. You know, being the trailblazing hellraiser that I am.

I’m so badass

About halfway through though, I was distracted by the Haeundae Cultural Centre. Because apart from being a badass, I also apparently have the attention span of a toddler.

Oooh big shiny building!

A couple of weird things about this place on a Sunday morning:

  • It’s neither open nor closed. The doors were open… but there was no one inside. Not security, nothing. 
  • It’s a cultural centre and… it’s apparently closed… ON A SUNDAY. Like, are people supposed to take a day off of work and school for the kids to take them here? Yeah… I totally seeing that happening.

Anyway, after sitting around for a while I began heading back via different route. 

Stopped by a Starbucks along the way. 

You can travel through time and space and when you arrive on the other side… you’ll probably find a Starbucks waiting to serve you overpriced Cappucino

Aaaand that’s about it. Hopefully there’ll be snow tomorrow!