Went to a birthday barbeque recently at Pasir Ris Beach. 

We hadn’t been there since we moved away about three years ago, so it was really good to be back, even if it was just for a day. 

A lot has changed. 

The shopping mall outside Pasir Ris MRT Station. It’s still crap, just slightly prettier.

I even missed walking to the beach.

This river leads goes through the mangrove forest that borders the sea.  The same old forest that used to be where the beach now stands (Singapore has no natural beaches). Makes me a little sad. And makes us not very smart in general, since mangrove forests actually protect us from tsunamis. 

Anyway, back to nice pictures! Here’s the revamped Wild Wild Wet water park which is now HUGE. 

Finally arrived at the now-overpriced barbecue pits and chalet rooms (kind of like motels), which now cost a whopping $300 goddamn dollars a night for a small room. 

Stayed for a bit and decided to head to the beach while there was still light out. We stayed ’til sunset.

Just um, view the pics in reverse order.

Yea it was pretty good to be back.