My workout objectives changed a while ago, and now instead of just focusing on strength without being too concerned if I looked like a huge walking sack of organically-grown potatoes, I’ve begun to put more emphasis on functionality and flexibility and to a lesser extent, aesthetics. 

I still look like a sack of potatoes, but at least now I’m a sack that has better stamina! 

It’s about a 45-min walk back from the gym, so I use that as my cardio after lifting. 

The gym itself is in a relatively isolated area of Singapore, with a few seedy KTVs that come alive at night.

I’d deleted the picture of the KTVs, so um, here’s a picture of a Japanese workout band or something

During the day time, it can be quite pleasant.

Unless it’s a hot day. In which case I turn into a sack of fries.

While it may be cooler after midnight, the route looks quite different then…

Like a scene from every B-grade horror movie. 

It’s been about a month now, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to kick it up a notch and begin running again.