We decided to have a nice stroll along the beach yesterday and earlier this evening. Simple, right?

Now in Singapore, all you had to do was ensure the Littlest Dictator basically isn’t buck naked. 

But here, check out all this crap:

And then we wrapped her in 20 woollen blankets

So first we headed to the clinic to get my bandage replaced:

The cold makes you… do things
If the pinwheels are spinning rapidly, then you’re probably freezing your little kimchi off
Superman’s weakness isn’t kryptonite, it’s Korean fried chicken places blatantly flouting copyright laws

Finally arrived at the clinic. 

The nurse cackling manically probably shouldn’t worry me.
Bandaged replaced, onwards to the beach!

But first…

Again, the cold… it makes you… do things.


I also still suck at photography

The pictures don’t do it justice. It was so beautiful and surreal, like you were walking in a painting or one of those really slick promotional videos on big screen TVs at E Mart.

My wife’s Samsung S7 did much better:

Samsung: The S7, this time the camera actually works!

Now back to my crappy pictures!

That car insisted on being in the picture

Under the hood

Baby was getting restless. Fortunately just outside Paradise Hotel…

Trees and lights! A restless toddler’s kryptonite!

The journey back up the hill is a good workout for your quads, and will prompt you to remind yourself over and over again ‘It was worth it.’ “Was it really?” ‘Shut up brain! It was totally worth it!’

Totally… worth it. Dear GOD has the baby always been this heavy?

Sunset at Haeundae Beach is definitely a sight to behold. And best of all? No crowds!