Spent most of the day today in this room:

It was 25 degrees Celsius inside, but I was so out of it, I actually thought the curtains were of a special material that kept the heat in or something. And then I looked at the thermostat πŸ˜‚.

So far on this trip, I’ve injured my hand…

On the plus side, it makes me feel a little bit like Ryu

… developed a slight fever and now have an annoying cough. 

At first it got me a little down. Sure I’ll be here until mid-February, but I had so many plans which I’ll now have to change. 

But man, there are worse ways to spend three months, you know? I mean, I’m in a goddamn luxury apartment by the sea:

Oh yes, poor pitiful me

And I’m warm and I’ve got access to a car here. Sometimes you just need to smack yourself in the face and realise just how fortunate you really are. 

Sure the plans will change, but it’ll still be pretty damn awesome. 

Also, I’d have to be a real ass to complain about being able to enjoy this view every day: