What is it? 

A relatively new seaside attraction that opened up in 2013, located on a cliff on Oryukdo Island. I’ll talk more about whether you should visit further near the bottom of this post. 

The drive from Haeundae Beach to Oryukdo took us over Gwangandaegyo, also known as the Diamond Bridge. I never get tired of the view:

As long as you don’t think about possibility plunging to the depths of the sea, you’ll definitely enjoy the view!

One of these days I’ll have to check and see if I can walk up there. 

After that was a short journey through one of those quaint, little towns that lies at the entrance to the mountain road that will take you to the cliffs on the other side. 

Must be their day off. All of them.
Koreans enjoy livening up their industrial plants with cheerful murals

Made a quick stop on the mountain road to make sure we were headed in the right direction and not to Japan or something. 

When we arrived, it was unexpectedly packed! I’m talking a small road filled with cars and tour buses. Turns out it was just our bad luck. Like, an hour later, the roads were clear. 

So we parked a little farther out:

A pleasant stroll downhill. Pleasant so long as you don’t think of the journey back up with a cranky baby.

The whole area by the seaside is breathtaking. The views definitely merit that word. It’s like being in a masterpiece of a painting or walking in a dream. 

And the air. Holy crap. It’s so fresh. If Mentos grew naturally, this is where you’d find a motherlode. Makes you feel refreshed and relaxed at the same time. 

I’d never want to live here, because I’d never want to get tired of seeing such beauty. 

Anyway, on to the Skywalk!

From here, it’s just a short walk up to the Skywalk proper:

Admission is free and you’ll have to cover your shoes before entering:

Only in Korea.
Here we go:

If you have vertigo, probably not the best idea.

The Skywalk itself was OK. Probably because I’ve experienced similar platforms that were much, much higher up like the Euraka Skydeck’s ‘The Edge’ in Melbourne and even the walk in Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. 

The Littlest Dictator was quiet… for a moment.

Next, we walked down to the bay, where there’s a small market for fresh fish:

The trailer is a little restaurant if you’re in the mood for seafood

Should you visit?

Depends, really. The natural beauty of Okyudo Island is enchanting, surreal even. If nature is your thing, I’d highly recommend it. 

If you’re going solely for the Skywalk though, then you might want to give it a pass. 

The place is a major pain to get to, and if you took public transport (excluding cabs), it could easily take you more than an hour to reach. 

More details here:


Dear GOD has the baby always been this heavy??