Not only is it Christmas Eve, but it’s also my brother-in-law’s birthday! So naturally… we all headed out before he woke up to do some shopping πŸ˜‚

A short cab ride later and we arrive at Lotte Premium Outlets Busan.

Christmas is getting ever bigger in Korea, but it’s still not as big of a deal here as the Lunar New Year. 

The place wasn’t too packed and there were a few good discounts according to my wife and her mom, who happen to be experts in matters like this. 

View from inside a cafe that blasted music like it was trying to become a club

Pro tip: There’s more discounts on the weekend. And especially on Christmas Eve. 

While the ladies went shopping, I entered the very mouth of madness:

Abandon hope all ye who enter

This would be a good place to bury daddy

I don’t know what is it about me and kids, but there’s always one or two kids that seem to go’OMG A FRIENDLY GROWN-UP!’ but since there were more kids than usual… I had to basically reject quite a few. 

For the last time… I AM NOT YOUR DADDY. 

Shopping done and baby exhausted, we headed back and while I was at the gym, they prepared the birthday feast:

Because my wife’s family is Korean-Russian, the entire spread was a kind of hybrid of two distinct cuisines.

Pictured: Hybrid Cake


Oh and btw, I’m a Muslim. 

Here’s a big-ass Christmas Tree: