Returned to beautiful Jangyu for my mother-in-law’s haircut, just a stone’s throw away from her old apartment, where I stayed during my first visit to Busan about four years ago. 

Excellent candidate for a Silent Hill-like event

After that, it was time for more shopping at Lotte Premium Outlets (Gimhae). 

If you really focus, you’ll be able to hear your bank account crying
Now, today being Christmas Day and all, with more and more Koreans observing it… I was hopeful it wouldn’t be too crowded. 
This time at least, I captured photographic evidence of steep discounts!

Is… is my bank account crying even louder?

Oh yea and I captured this:

The fourteen year-old in me was giggling uncontrollably

Next on the list: Halal meat. My wife, her brother and mom had already eaten and I was starving. Plus I was saving space for Samsa, a delicious meat-filled Uzbek baked bun/pastry.

Not sure what the area is called, but here’s the street name:

I am NOT attempting to type that on this phone with Autocorrect waiting eagerly, and cracking its knuckles

The nearest LRT station would be either Royal Tomb of King Suro (no, seriously) or Buwon. We drove there and man, it reminded me a little of some really narrow streets in Bangkok where cars mingled with pedestrians. 

Here’s the cool thing about the place. It’s a true melting pot. You’ve got everyone from Indonesians to Vietnamese to Thais to Uzbeks and more. 

Much more festive, it’s just that my photography skills are still almost non-existent.

We parked near the mosque:

Something weird about this. Can’t quite put my finger on it…

Before heading to the restaurant to get our meat (they also sell frozen meat), we checked out the nearby wet market which reminded me a lot of the old markets in Singapore:

Bank account seemed glad to see this place for some reason.

According to my brother-in-law, the prices here were significantly cheaper than in Busan. 

Finally we arrived at the restaurant:

Hand over the Samsas and nobody gets hurt.

I’d show you a picture of the Samsa, but I’ve pretty much eaten all of them. They’re that good. And a hot Samsa in winter? Oh yeah.

At this very moment, I’m typing this on a phone, on a big comfy couch in the hall, with my reflection and its full tummy in the glass window staring at me. I regret nothing.