Woke up a bit more late than usual, and still feeling groggy and considering a return to whatever dream I had… turned my head and saw… SNOW!! 

Just ah, trust me. There’s snow there.

At first there were only a few snowflakes dancing across the window… and I was slightly annoyed, mistaking them for joss paper ash, which is not that uncommon in Singapore. 

What’s even more amazing (to me only, apparently) is that it’s not even below minus. 

And then it hit me. I literally ran to the hall, even forgetting to greet the mother-in-law. 

Seeing it snow for the first time. Quite a sight to behold. Just incredible. 

The wind is still blowing strongly and ​it’s like someone’s playing with the tap in the sky, with the snow getting turned on and off and on again. 

I’m really glad I finally got to see snow here in Busan.