Got up a little bit earlier today (OK fine I actually had to go to the bathroom and then couldn’t sleep afterwards) and went for a walk. A leisurely stroll, if you will. 

Here’s the thing though. Without a downpadded coat in minus two degrees Celsius, the ‘leisurely’ bit tends to get left behind. Too lazy to head back up, I kept going. 

Beautiful view while freezing my little kimchi off.

The cold has not yet lost its novelty for me. In fact, I’ll probably miss it (and not sweating like, everywhere all the damn time) once I’m back in Singapore. 

The moment I finished that last sentence, my brother-in-law came out of the room and told me “It’s snowing!”

I rushed back out like my life depended on it along with a stupid grin on my face. And I made it! It was the first time I ever stood outside while it snowed. 

It’s gearing up to be a really good day. I’m definitely going to miss this.