I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Busan and am quite lucky to be able to stay in Haeundae, near the beach. 

One sad thing I’ve noticed is dying and recently-closed businesses. Not big ones, but small, family-run stores. 

Like this bakery:

Last year I bought something from them, but they kept trying to get me to buy more stuff. It was a little annoying but I think they were desperate. 

It makes me a little sad to think of their hopes and dreams when they first made that big leap. The fear and excitement when they finally opened the bakery. And how depressing the end must’ve been. 

Then there’s the dying cluster of shops nearby:

The furniture places are probably going to be fine, but everyone else… probably not.

I see this a lot. New, small businesses opening up near larger, more established competitors… selling the same damn things. Is it a lack of planning? Unscrupulous landlords who don’t reveal the truth about the area? Probably a combination of those things and more. 

I still love it here, but this aspect of the area does get me down from time to time. 

Think I’ll go for a walk later.