13 days left before we return to Singapore, and I’m already missing Busan!

I’ll especially miss the peacefulness of Haeundae, along with the pleasant strolls we’d take in the cool weather. 

Finally got round to walking the entire stretch of Dalmagi Hill, which is touted as the best place to view the moon. And we did it with a stroller.

Great for when hiking up the side of a mountain isn’t tiring enough for you.

 It was very nice, but just be aware that near the middle, you’d have to cross the road because for some insane reason, the smooth path stops, and gets replaced by dirt paths with flat stones. Not stroller-friendly. 

There’s several ways to go through, but we decided on the boardwalk for convenience. 
And if you decide to check it out, you’ll be greeted with incredible views.

There’s also a lot of cafes along  the way which makes it a fantastic place to take pictures for Instagram to make your friends jealous like the annoying hipster that they know and love. 

Even the public restrooms are nice.

Keep going and you’ll finally hit the bridge that was only recently completed. 

As we made our descent, the first drops of rain began to fall. 

Have you ever tried running down a mountain with a stroller in the cold of winter? IT’S FUN. TRY IT. 

Lungs burning and legs screaming, we arrived home just in time! 

Definitely worth it.