After the long flight back, during which the Littlest Dictator peed all over my pants (therefore making me look like I peed) during boarding time for the final connecting flight. Ended up with pee all over me for final two hours. That… that’s gotta be a sign, right?

And the moment you step out of the airport. The very moment, no matter how brief… it gets you. The. Heat. 

But it’s really not that bad. Check out the temperature today. 

It’s like being in a sauna. All the time! GREAT.

We haven’t melted yet or anything! I already miss days likes these, though. 

Notice the lack of people in coats passed out from heat stroke.

Anyway, we’re back. Time to rejoin the workforce, and research toddler gyms and day care centres. 

The countdown to the end of this year has begun. One final trip to Busan.