So the first visit to a shopping centre after three months in Korea and my wife noticed it first: I’m bowing to EVERYONE. 

And sometimes I even expect them to bow back! Yeah… it’s going to be a weird first week. 

Anyway, it was an almost surreal experience to be back in Jem, a shopping centre near our place. It’s like we never left and that Busan was just a dream. 

Nobody put up banners welcoming me back or anything!


The last time I had a burger was before we’d left Singapore. 

Oh yea and we wanted to get new pillows too. You know how no matter how hard you try to identify a pillow is like with your hands, it always feels differently when you’re lying on it at home?

Problem solved.

Tomorrow’s Monday. That means a week of job-hunting and returning to the gym. Just eight more months left until we’re back in Busan! I hope!