It’s been almost a week since we’ve returned (5 days, 12 hours, 39 minutes) and it’s my first time on the MRT (Singapore’s version of the Metro).

Pretty sunny day. 

You can’t tell but I’m melting. And it’s not even a hot day! By Singapore standards that it.

The view from Lakeside Station is always a pleasure to see, even if it is now partially blocked by the safety barriers.

Compared to the much older system in Busan, this train feels like a freakin’ mansion, even if it is like, more than 20 years old. 

Pictured: Luxury

I’d also forgotten how quickly the train fills up these days, and the picture above was taken when I’d first boarded. It’s definitely a far cry from when I was a kid, and the MRT’s novelty hadn’t yet worn off.  I kind of miss that time. 

These days, I have packed-like-sardines-in-a-goddamn-can rush-hour trains to look forward to each morning once I get a job. 

At least the views are nice.