We met a friend in Arab Street yesterday, and it felt almost refreshing to be out amongst adults only. 

Wife missed the baby but I was like ‘YESSS! No baby! WooHoo!! FREEEDOMMMM!!’

Anyway… we took the mrt to Bugis Station. 

Looking at this picture makes me feel like Hagrid.

Then headed to the creatively-named shopping centre Bugis Junction.

That guy on the right is basically every parent who makes the mistake of going shopping with the baby in tow.

There a few cool shops.

This guy did NOT skip Back Day at the gym!

Met up with the friend, grabbed a quick bite and headed to nearby Arab Street. 

Saw a Cat Cafe along the way. 

… but I wasn’t in the mood for cat burgers. That’s what I assume they serve. As well as other cat dishes. 

My old school is near Arab Street, so in a way I grew up here. And it has changed so much, that it’s almost unrecognisable. 

It used to be very quiet around the iconic Sultan Mosque area, which holds the sultan’s tomb. 

But now clubs and bars and hipster-ish shops and cafes have sprung up around the area like mushrooms. 

It’s cool and all, and I really like some of the cafes. But it also attracts those annoying young people from western countries who watch movies about Asia and come here to ‘find themselves’ in an ‘exotic location’. GAHHHH. 

So back to the cafes. We went to an OK one called La Marelle (naturally).

I really like these old shophouses. Picturing how people used to live in them a long time ago. 

The place was alright. The chicken burgers were really good, but the coffee was alright. Overall not a bad place to hang out it. The music wasn’t too loud like in some other cafes that clearly aspire to be clubs. 

After that it was a short walk down to and past Sultan Mosque. 

Yeah overall,  not a bad day.